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[2021-10-29 19:10:57] General Informations about Cipher [Deciphering / Sommerton-Man]
The "Sommerton Man" is an unknown person who died on the 30. Nov 1948 in Australia. Here you can get the Autopsy Report. The cause of death is unknown, but its rumored that he died from intoxication of an unknown poison.A Cipher has been found under mysterious cirmunstances which seems like a digitless code. Surely this code needs...
[2021-11-06 00:22:05] Cipher Sheet [Deciphering / Koehler-Cryptograms]
Only to store. I am not working on this enigma Cr4P ...
[2021-11-06 00:17:44] Cipher Sheets [Deciphering / Cylob-Cipher]
Here are the copies of the unknown book that i found. Page after page... ...
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