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Denial Of Service

DDOS Forkbomb

A forkbomb is a denial of service bash command that blocks the server, duo to high cpu load. The script is creating a recursive function and is infinitly launching itself - so the system will be blocked. Usefull for testing vHosts which are sharing ressources if high load is affecting other hosts. (Thats the only thing that i could figure out what ...

DDOS Slowloris

Slowloris is a Denial of Service attack tool that starts a lot of HTTP requests to take down its target. A weak server can be taken down with a single pc if you have enough CPU power and enough threads running. But thats not guaranteed. Has been tested and approved as working for small web servers with > 10 users. The connection to the server ne...


HACKING Airgeddon

Airgeddon is a multi use wireless audit tool. Its possible to pentest WEP and WPA2 Networks. Its included into a security parrot and KALI installation. The main features are Evil Twin Attacks/ Package Capturing and there is a Bruteforce Cracker included with aircrack-ng - but for better performance you should use something like hashcat with GPU sup...

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