DDOS Slowloris

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2020-08-25 01:41:02 from bugfish
DDOS Slowloris
Penetration-Testing / Denial Of Service
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Slowloris is a Denial of Service attack tool that starts a lot of HTTP requests
to take down its target. A weak server can be taken down with a single pc if you have
enough CPU power and enough threads running. But thats not guaranteed.

Has been tested and approved as working for small web servers with > 10 users.
The connection to the server never closes. Headers will be send periodically every ~15 seconds.

You have to download the script here: https://github.com/gkbrk/slowloris
After that you can run it with python.

I do not guarantee the reliability of the information given here, the code described on this page is executed at your own risk and in the event of damage or other unforeseeable consequences I am in no way responsible or liable.


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