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Get Remote HTML Code as String

Here is an example function to get the full html output code of an URL provided to the function into a string. You can get the data by using a string variable which gets the output: string variable = gethtmlcontent("https://thisisapage"); public string gethtmlcontent(String URL) { HttpWebRequest request; HttpWebResponse response; try { re...


Add Colored Text To RichTextBox

You can add this function to display colored text in a richtextbox! [Just Append With that Function] private void AddTextToRTB(RichTextBox rtb, string txt, Color col) { int pos = rtb.TextLength; rtb.AppendText(txt); rtb.Select(pos, txt.Length); rtb.SelectionColor = col; rtb.Select(); rtb.DeselectAll(); } ...

Allow Application Run Only Once

Here is an example to allow software to run only once on a machine. If the user tries to start the application again, there will ne a notification box and the program will exit. [file] program.cs in visual studio using System; using System.Threading; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace myapplicationnamespace { static class Program { /// <summa...

Get the current Directory

Here the code to get the current Directory! string path = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); See more detailed Info here: https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/dotnet/api/system.io.directory.getcurrentdirectory?view=netcore-3.1 ...

Load an XML exe.config File (Custom Path)

Here an example to load an custom application xml config file. // Load Configuration CurrentConfPath = "C:\PATH\TO\EXE.CONFIG"; ExeConfigurationFileMap configMap = new ExeConfigurationFileMap(); configMap.ExeConfigFilename = CurrentConfPath; Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenMappedExeConfiguration(configMap, ConfigurationUse...

Prepare Scripts for SSL Connections

If SSL Connections fail with Security Protocol Error, this code in Main Function could do the trick! ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls | SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 | SecurityProtocolType.Tls12 | SecurityProtocolType.Ssl3; ...

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